What to Keep and Restore in a Home Renovation Project According to Experts

A renovation project doesn’t come cheap. Even if you have a lot of money, it is still considered practical that you set a budget when giving your landed house a makeover. The question is, what should you keep and what should you restore when doing a renovation project?

If you are keen on giving your landed house interior design an upgrade, planning early is considered crucial. That means you need to figure out the right budget, employ the right team, and identify a timeline for completion ahead of time.

During the planning stage, it is also vital that you identify which areas in your house to keep as is and which ones to repair and restore. If you need some beneficial guidance, here’s what some experts have to say:

Retain the existing flooring when it doesn’t have major cracks or damage

In landed house interior design, floors are not only considered the foundation of every landed home, they are also expected to be the most resilient. While it can be tempting to add floor embellishments like tiles to enhance your home’s aesthetic value, it shouldn’t be a priority if it does not have any massive damage or cracks.

This is especially true if you’re trying to keep your spending to a minimum. If anything, there are other options you can look into to keep your flooring attractive. For instance, ensure they are cleaned and polished regularly. You will not only make them look well-maintained, you will also help boost their longevity.

Replace plumbing fixtures when needed

Plumbing fixtures belong to a list of items in the house that are most exposed to wear and tear. Even when not in use, water passes through the pipes, faucets, and other bathroom and kitchen plumbing accessories.

Hard water also passes through plumbing fixtures. When the water has high mineral content, dried up water might create mineral deposits such as limestone, mildew, and rust.

These minerals are not only difficult to remove, they can also eventually eat into the metal and steel pipes. That being said, plumbing fixtures need to be replaced on a routine basis.

Also, a broken faucet or a leaking pipe will not only cause a possible disruption in the household, they can also cause some damage if not attended to right away. Save yourself from the headache by having them checked regularly and replaced right away when needed.

Always check the doors

Among the most underrated parts of the house are the doors. We open and close them several times a day. We sometimes bang them shut, leave them ajar, or let the breeze close them with a loud thud.

While they are often made to last for years, doors and their fixtures are also prone to warping. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if one day you’ll discover you cannot close the door anymore because the door itself no longer fits and locks. To avoid a similar scenario, check your doors every now and then.

If the door itself doesn’t fit anymore, then ensure you include it in your renovation list. In addition, knobs and handles, including hinges, that are already deformed or no longer functional should be immediately replaced as well. Also, if your doorknob is prone to jamming or if your key no longer fits and turns, consider it your cue to have them replaced.

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